Organizational Training & Facilitation

When organizations are built on structures and practices that breed trust and responsibility, extraordinary and unexpected things start to happen.

― Frederic Laloux
Author of Reinventing Organizations

Imagine a world where work is meaningful and joyful, where our whole selves are empowered in productive and purposeful collaboration. Drawing on a range of leading-edge methodologies (see below), I support teams and organizations to realize their potential for excellence, wholeness, and purpose.

Through in-person half-day, full-day, or multi-day trainings and retreats, I provide communities and organizations with sessions designed to serve their specific needs and vision. Potential session topics include:


  • Collaborative Communication: Learn the basics of collaborative communication including cultivating empathic listening, expressing ourselves authentically yet self-responsibly, finding win-win outcomes, transforming blame and anger, and making clear, effective requests.


  • Reinventing Organizations: Drawing on the work of Frederic Laloux, explore how to catalyze an evolutionary organizational culture in which people and teams are empowered to collaborate through the three pillars of shared management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose.


  • Offering & Receiving Conscious Feedback: Explore the art and science of giving and receiving feedback in ways that are effective,  clear and connecting, in both professional and personal contexts.


  • Conflict Transformation: Learn hands on skills and processes for productively engaging interpersonal tension and conflict, including empathic listening, mediation, and group conflict facilitation. Read more about my Conflict Transformation services here.


  • Conscious Leadership & Group Facilitation: Develop skills for modeling & empowering wholehearted leadership, healthy integration of assertiveness & receptivity, collaborative decision making, and catalyzing a culture of trust & excellence.


  • Team & Community Building: Deepen interdependence and trust through experiential activities, from light-hearted games to interpersonal sharing and group challenges.


  • Collaborative Decision-Making: Learn tools and frameworks for efficient yet participatory group decision-making, drawing on a range of power-sharing processes such as Holacracy, Sociocracy, consensus, and the Advice Process.


  • Engaging Power & Privilege Dynamics: Cultivate awareness of issues of rank, diversity and privilege, and practice engaging them collaboratively and wholeheartedly.


An example of a day-long organizational training on Collaborative Communication & Conscious Feedback might include the following elements:

  • Integrating Assertiveness & Receptivity in How We Relate To Others
  • Empathy: How Listening Can Build Connection & Bridge Divergent Perspectives
  • Staying Centered & Flexible in Challenging Conversations: The Neurobiology of Self-Empathy & Empathy
  • Expressing Challenging Honesty, While Caring for Connection
  • Giving Conscious, Constructive Feedback
  • Staying Open When Receiving Challenging Feedback
  • Cultivating Trust ByFinding Win-Win Outcomes
  • Why Clear Observations & Requests Matter
  • The Importance of Authentic Appreciation for Healthy Teams


To support organizational excellence, I draw on training & experience in a range of frameworks and modalities, including:


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